Kindergarten Classroom Decor

8/19/2018 / 1 comment
Kindergarten students need to have access to a wide variety of words in their first year. It can be overwhelming, having all those posters displayed in one classroom.

I have one central wall where I display the majority of our posters:

2D and 3D shapes, numbers and colors
days, months and seasons
weather and our calendar
and an alphabet
I love the alphabet, because I can reach it from my chair during interactive writing after a read aloud.
I wanted these signs to be clean and simple, so I used consistent colors, clipart and an easy to read font.

I have had this display up for the past 4 years, and it has been so beneficial to my students. They utilize it constantly - most elect to sit in that area whenever they are writing. 
During literacy centers, they love to walk around with the pointers, quizzing each other on all of the words. They use the words when they are creating books at our writing center!
I love how brightens up our meeting area!
All of these items are available here and also in a bundled set that saves you 20%! Click on the picture below to see more details!

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  1. I thought this classroom looked familiar, then I saw the chair with the name on it and knew it was lol.


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