September's Inspired by Pinterest and Blogs...

I adore these rings! I spent one morning making oodles of them last week. I was inspired by this blog - she has really amazing ideas and her picture tutorials are excellent! After I made the heart ring I wanted to try the bow one that I have seen around on Pinterest a lot, so I searched and found tons of ideas for various designs! I think I may recreate these with some thicker wire eventually. The double heart and bow ring have a tendency to bend easily when they snag things - but I am definitely happy with them for now! The heart ring is definitely the easiest one to start with and then from there I just kind of went wild with them!
My next craft of the week was inspired by this blog. I have seen these painted bobby pins kicking around on Pinterest for awhile as well and I have been dying to make a few! They were incredibly easy to make which is the best part! Putting a bit of wax paper underneath the cardboard when you paint helps to keep them from sticking to the paper (a mistake I made the first least the paper can be picked off!) I think the hardest part was choosing my colors! I may have a bit of a nail polish problem....and a bit of trouble with painting neatly. If my bobby pins look this bad imagine how my hands look after I am done painting my nails!!
On a side note: I recently read (on Pinterest) that the correct way to wear bobby pins is wavy side down...which means I have been doing it incorrectly my entire life!! And yet if you buy decorated pins the fancy part is on the wavy side which is just confusing. They do seem to stay in better that way though!

So which way do you ladies put your bobby pins in?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday!


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    1. :) Thanks Sissy - where do you think I got my technique from?

  2. Ooooo, those are crafty and fancy. Love them.

    BTW, I totally wear bobby pins with the wavy part up. Well used to when I had long hair. But if you wear the wavy part down doesn't the part that sticks up poke at you? LOL


    1. Lol, you would think so, but I swear it is WAY more comfortable & they stayed in way better!