Addition Math Pack

I love this math pack because it is easy to have ready at a moments notice when my students need review on these skills. I wanted to keep these games simple - once the students learn the rules with me, they will be able to play alone in small groups. This set includes four different games and all of theses can either be student or teacher run - they have all the Score Sheets and Answer Keys students need to run the game themselves.
The first game is Factor Bingo. It contains 6 boards with addition facts 0-10 written on them. The host of this game will read the answers (0-20) one at a time and the players must cover one square with an equation that matches that answer.  I like to let my students use whiteboards or manipulatives when we play.
The second game is the reverse of the first game,  the players have boards with the answers to facts 0-10 and the host asks the equations. I only let them cover each square once even though some numbers are repeated. This helps the game to last longer and allows the students to get a bit more practice.
The last two games involve flaschards. I included all the flashcards for addition facts 0-10. 

The third game is Memory or Concentration. The players lay out one factor family and the answer cards striped sides up. (Blue stripes for addition facts and purple for answers.) They turn over one blue and one purple card, if the equation and answer match they can keep them - if not they return them to their original spot. The winner is the player who gets the most matches!
The fourth game is Flashcard Practice. One player shows the flashcards and one solves the equations on their Score Sheet. After they have completed one set of factors they switch jobs. When they have finished the game they will tally their scores using the answer key. (I have my students record their answers on the Score Sheet in pen so they cannot change them when correcting.) The winner is the player who gets the most facts right!

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