Consonant Blends Game

I love Chevron and I have been wanting to work it into one of my games for awhile now. This weekend I finally perfected my pattern and used it in my Consonant Blends Game!

Over the years I have had many students struggle with identifying (and pronouncing) the consonant blend sounds.  This game includes a wide variety of words to help reinforce this skill.

This game has 22 Beginning blend families and 12 Ending blend families.  Each blend family has eight cards - for example: /tr/: try, tree, trio, trot... Altogether there is a total of 176 Beginning blends cards and 96 Ending blend cards.

The Beginning blends have a green, red and purple Chevron pattern on the backside.

The Ending blends have a red, blue and purple Chevron pattern on the backside.

These cards can be used for two different games; Go Fish and Memory.

To play Go Fish players choose a few blends to start with. Each player gets five cards. In order to find a match they must ask another player for that pattern. For example: "Do you have a word that starts with the blend /st/?" If the other players are unsure they can also use their word in the sentence.  "Do you have a word that starts with /st/ like stay?" This allows the students to isolate the blends individual sounds while recognizing them in a variety of words.

Memory can be played by first choosing a few blends to begin with. The cards are laid out Chevron side up. A student chooses two cards and reads both words aloud. If they match, they must also say the blend sound that they share when claiming their match. If not they must return the cards to their original spot on the table.

The winner for both these games is the player who collects the most blends. An Answer Key with all the blend families is included to help the students self-check their answers when they playing in small groups. 
It also includes the Rules of Play for both Go Fish and Memory.
This game is available in my TpT shop!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week! :)


  1. Wow, I'll have to keep this in mind for when my 1st graders get to consonant blends. :)


  2. :) I'm looking forward to trying it with my first graders this week!