Easy & Cute Custom Notepads

I love the simplicity of these notepads.  I have made them for coworkers and students in the past. (The pink one is mine, it has been used quite a bit as you can see!) The best part about these is how few steps it takes to create them! I made a quick photo tutorial to show how simple it is! I read about these on Chica and Jo years ago, I love their ideas!

First your materials: paper, PVA book binding/paper glue and 1-1/4 inch binder clips.

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Step 1: Gather your paper: I have used cardstock, patterned scrapbook paper and pre-cut scraps for these, basically any paper will do. Arrange the paper into a pattern and then straighten up the pile. I never worry about the uneven edges - I like the handmade look.

Step 2. Place your big binder clips on each side, I leave the tabs open, it comes in handy when you prop it up for drying later.

Step 3. Apply your glue (you may want to shake well first, mine was a bit watery from the summer heat!)
Step 4. Smooth with finger.  If it drips down the front, just wipe it gently, it dries clear which I adore!
  Step 5. Let dry overnight!  It turns clear after about an hour, but you really want to let it set well.
 And that is all there is too it!
This year I am thinking of making some bookmark notepads. I use excess patterned scrapbook paper for my students bookmarks - they look cute but tend to disappear quick!! I want to have a few notepads on hand for when they need a new bookmark!

Think this would work in your classroom or for a gift? Let me know how in the comments!