Things I Love - August Edition and Giveaway Winners

Here are some of my latest loves for the month of August. Links will be at the end of the post!

Flip Flops

I adore these flip flops by Reef and I will miss wearing them dearly when I am back in school next month! Please excuse the sand on the silver ones, I had just gotten back from the beach!!

I have added a few new rings to my collection this summer! I found this adorable fox ring on Etsy. I needed a ring for my right hand that wouldn't be too cumbersome since I am a righty.
These are from a stacked ring set I got from Macy's. There were four rings in the set, but I am not feeling the fourth. It was way to pointy for me to wear daily!! I must admit I am totally infatuated with the zipper ring. It is beyond cute!

My new purse!! -
Back in July I blogged about handbags I dreamed of buying. I am really trying to stick to my budget - which is pretty much a no shopping at all budget!!! However the other day I was out at Marshalls and I saw it. It is one of the bags I blogged about last month!!

Originally it costs $70, the one I blogged was on sale for $44.95. But Marshalls had it for......$29.99!! However it gets better! I still had $15.01 leftover on a gift card my sister gave me for my birthday awhile back. So, I managed to snag the handbag I had adored for months for $14.98!!

For your shopping pleasure - links!
Reef flip flops
Fox ring - rose gold (it also comes in gold and silver.)
Material Girl - two-tone stackable rings
Urban Expressions - Le Petit Mini Satchel (mint)
Lastly I have the giveaway winners for the Ending Blends Games! Congratulations to Wendy and Lori! I will be emailing you ladies a copy of the game tonight!

So tell me, what are you loving this month?

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