Sight Word of the Day Pre-Primer Set

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I love using the Word of the Day with my 2nd - 5th graders. It is a great way to build vocabulary and explore new words! I wanted to incorporate a daily word challenge into my first graders routine too, but I decided sight words would fit their needs the best!

This set has all 40 of the pre-primer words with context sentences. The sight word is green in each sentence to allow students to isolate the word in each sentence.

Each day I will choose a new sight word to hang underneath the display sign. I like to use these words in the opening when my students are settling into Intervention.
I wanted to include a challenge portion as well to increase sight word exposure. There are two ways to complete this challenge. The first is the whole group tally chart. I am going to laminate these two charts and hang them next to the daily sight word.

Each day I will write the new word on the line. I think I will velcro a dry erase marker on the wall, so it will be easy to access when they find a word. Each time the students find the word they may add a mark to the tally chart. During the closing we will count up how many words they found!
If a whole group chart does not work well for your students, I also included individual tally books. These books are 41 pages including the cover and measure 3.8 x 5 inches. Each word has its own page so students can conduct their own search. I wanted to make it small for several reasons; it will not be in the way on their desks, and it will fit easily into book bags or bins!

We send our Intervention groups back to their classroom teachers with a bag that has books we have been reading together. This tally book is small enough for them to carry in the bag as well, and then they can continue the search throughout the day!

I think this increased exposure to these words will help to familiarize my students with these tricky sight words!

This set is available in my TpT shop!


  1. Oh this looks so cute! What a neat idea! I'd use it whole group during our morning meeting. They would love this!

  2. I've used this idea in my morning meeting also. I include a word in the morning message and give clues for my K5 students to identify it. We write it on a special placque on the whiteboard and they watch for it during the day. I had let the kids sign or write their initials when they found it, but I like the tally idea. I think I'll incorporate that into our routine instead.