Nail Art - Feather Manicure and Last Day of BTS Sale!

I finally mustered up enough bravery to try a feather manicure before I went on vacation a few weeks ago! I bought these feathers from Michaels:
I chose a tiny striped and polka dot feather to start with. I knew I was only going to do one nail on each hand since it was my first attempt!

Here we have my left and right hands!
For this manicure I used: (Click the name for links!)
Maybelline Color Show - Canary Cool
OPI - Mauve-Lous Memories

I like the way the pink compliments the brown in the feathers a lot!

Now for the feathering. I painted my nails and let them dry completely. Then I applied a clear topcoat and placed my feather on top. Next came the tricky part, trimming off the excess feather. This is incredibly difficult to do to yourself, especially if you are a right-handed person cutting left hand!!

I could not get my feathers trimmed as close to my nails as I preferred them to be, at least not with scissors. I attempted to use nail clippers but was a bit scared about wrecking my manicure. The feathers were just too soft and fluffy to cut!

I gave up temporarily and applied a topcoat. That made the bit of feathers at the tip of my nail harder, so I was able to cut and file them away later.

Overall I love how they looked, but I think next time I will cut my feathers to nail size before I start. Even if it means that they will be a bit small for my nail, I think it will be better than having all that excess!!

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 Have a great night!

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