DIY Silver Necklaces

I know I have mentioned in the past that I have a lot of jewelry, and it is true, I do. However I have found that I am lacking in the silver necklace department. I have two that I adore - a butterfly on illusion wire and some sterling birds on silver chain. They are lovely but definitely overused! I decided I needed a few more options. Off to Michaels I went!

First up we have the beads! I chose three larger pendants since I wanted to keep these necklaces simple chain-wise.
For the large flower with a mix of rhinestones, crystals and pearls I went with a black chain. I like how it allows the sterling silver to pop.  Please ignore the annoying pink hue that my camera loves to cast on my photos!!
Next we have the rounded square bead. I love this one! It looks like tinfoil blended with a rhinestone! Disregard the pink again, it is simply silver! Perhaps it is time to get a plain camera. Though I do adore my hot pink Powershot!! I used an antique silver chain for this one - I think it may be my favorite. I know it is the one I have been wearing the most lately!
Lastly is the silver circle with swarovski cyrstals. This one is so pretty and sparkly! I love how the crystals are rainbow colored! I chose a simple sterling silver chain for this one, I did not want to take away from the pretty pendant.
My favorite part about making these necklaces was how easy they were! I only needed 2 pairs of needle nose pliers, 2 sizes of jump rings and some lobster clasps!
Now I have 3 new necklaces that will go with just about anything and everything! I know they will be getting a lot of use!
What is your current jewelry obsession? Tell me about it in the comments below!!


  1. One of these days I'm going to twist your arm hard enough that you'll want to make me something. ;O)

    Just kidding!!! I'm horrible about wearing jewelry...I haven't made it a habit yet...I need to. I have a cute bubble necklace I have yet to wear... :O(

    I love seeing your fashion craze!
    Hope you are having a great week!
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. Wow very nice. You always wow me with your thrifty, creative, fab style.