Nail Art - Whirled Away with Teal!

I love China Glaze Whirled Away (affiliate link). It is such a fun glitter polish that looks great on any color. This time I used Sally Hansen Blizzard Blue for a base coat.
The only downside to this manicure was that it took a ton of coats to get this shade of blue. The blue is almost transparent unless you use three (or five) coats! This led to a little bit of bubbling when I applied my topcoat.

My students are always fascinated by this glitter, well after the discussion as to whether it is truly a glitter or not has ended. They take the word glitter VERY seriously and since it has no shine they concluded that it is not a glitter.

Glitter or not, it was a big hit with them and with me as usual! Now if only I can find a better teal to use as a base coat. I think it may be time to let this blue go, I do not have the patience for a polish that needs more than 2 coats!

What is on your fingers (or toes!) this week? And if you know of a fabulous (and not transparent) blues or teals let me know in the comments below!!


  1. On my fingers this week is a gray. It's like my new color. Strange, huh? However, I use gel polish. Have you tried that yet? You have to use a UV light to get it to "cure", and the original kit was rather pricy. But, I've saved a ton of money doing it at home instead of going to get my nails done. I've even painted my toes with it and it lasts FOR.EV.ER. Score!

    I love this teal/blue color on your nails. I'd say try a new brand because that's a great look on you!

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I get gels done at the salon, so my polish color doesn't change often- right now it's coral. It's ok...I can live vicariously through you. I would be wayyy too chicken to put glitter on my nails for school!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  3. Love your nails!!!!! I always do! :) My fave teal color is Fly by OPI! Love :) Have a great week!!!

    Soaring Through Second

  4. I love your nails! I suck at painting my own nails but I do paint my toe nails. They are hot pink right now.


    1. Thanks Heidi! My right hand is always messier, but I cannot stand plain nails so I just live with it. Ooh I love hot pink, it is always in style!!

  5. My nails are always some shade of pink! haha! I need to branch out more!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

    1. I tend to use purples a lot on mine, with a glitter thrown in for good measure!!

  6. Hm, you probably don't want to know about my nails...I have a pedicure scheduled for Friday because it's been tooooooo long! On my toes is a coral color...not sure what color I should get on Friday...what do you think? We will be out of school for summer...if I was tan enough I'd get hot pink or hot orange...but I'm not tan so I'm not sure I could pull it off...maybe if you give me a suggestion I'll try it out! ;O)

    Collaboration Cuties