Simple (and Cheap!) Writing Notebooks

We go through notebooks at a rapid rate in my classroom! I work in the Computer Lab for Intervention in Grades 1-5. I usually have about 15 students per grade in the room for each Intervention Block. We tend to switch groups every 6-8 weeks, but oftentimes sooner based on student needs.  In the past I have felt that the very moment I made up a notebook for a student was when they either moved or switched groups! I decided to find a cheaper, easier and less wasteful way to give my class their own personalized Writing Notebooks that will not go to waste when their time in Computer Lab is up. 

I have piles of scrapbook paper that I have either bought or been given over the years. Now there are lots of crafty things that I love to do, but scrapbooking has just never become one of them! I think I lack the patience one needs to do all that cutting and gluing! I decided to round up all my paper and use it for the notebooks.
These are my first graders notebooks. I used five pieces of paper and one scrapbook piece for the cover.  (I let them choose their own covers and I never bother with a back cover, they work just as well without one.) For my older students I do the same thing - but with eight to ten pieces small lined paper stapled on the long side.

I used these notebooks all last year and my students adored them! They loved personalizing their own books and I loved how they actually filled up the whole book! (I always find half filled notebooks annoying - it is such a waste of paper!) Some students preferred to add new pieces to the same book and some wanted to take their notebook home to their family as soon as it was filled. They were actually such a hit that I gave a fresh notebook to all my Intervention kiddos at the end of the year and they were thrilled!  I think I will end up running out of scrapbook paper soon but I know that I can get a great deal on one of those giant packs when that time finally comes!

What are some money saving tricks you use to supply your classrooms needs?


  1. This is great! Would you consider entering my 100 follower celebration so I can pick this as an idea to feature? I'd love to feature you!
    Mrs. D

  2. What a brilliant idea. This is perfect for my ELL kids cause I don't always have them all year long. :)

    BTW, if you shop Hobby Lobby, they often have sales on the Scrap paper packs, and you can get them for a VERY nice price. I buy them to go with whatever theme in my class and use them for all sorts of stuff, like framing students work.


  3. Oooh, I had forgotten about Hobby Lobby-thanks that is a great idea! :)