September and October's Best Nail Designs

I have gone a little nail art crazy lately. Some have come out amazing and some have been a bit disastrous - such as the time I spent an hour striping my nails only to have them chip to smithereens the next day! Then I got these amazing new brushes and my manicures have become so much easier to do! I thought I would share some of my better designs with you (never the mishaps, those photos are destroyed promptly! The above photo is just a multicolored teal glitter design with Milani that I used over a Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus (I cannot find a link for it, I bought it at Target ages ago.)
Next is my polka dots created with my much adored dotting tool. I used Sally Hansen's Pronto Purple for the base color, China Glaze's Platinum Silver and Sally Hansen's Blizzard Blue for the dots.
Here is my attempt at zebra print with those amazing new brushes I got. I was loving how fast and easy this design was, but I think I would mix-up the stripe sizes next time to make it a bit more detailed.  I used Sally Hansen White On and Black Out for this manicure.
Lastly we have my favorite - and my student's favorite this week too! Well except for my first graders who informed me that it was not an owl! I loved looking at it all week though! I used Essie's Go Overboard for the owl's body, Sally Hansen's White On for the chest/stomach area, Milani's Gold Dust for the beak and eyes (Black Out for the pupils) and the dots and other nails are Rimmel's Wild Orchid. I absolutely adored that color and it went on so smooth and solidly with just one coat! I will definitely try more of the Lasting Finish Pro line!

I think I may attempt plaid again this week but I will be sticking with my new brushes rather than the striping tape, that was a bit to much work for such sad results!

Happy weekend (and manicures) everyone!


  1. I love these. My fav is the owl accent nail. :) I was just looking at some glitter nail polish on Etsy the other day and thought of you. :)


  2. Thanks! Ooh I adore some of those Etsy polishes, especially the glitters with all the different colors - they are gorgeous!