R Controlled Vowel Games

I always feel so bad early readers who are just beginning to gain confidence with decoding when they come to one of the dreaded R Controlled Words!! The reader follows all the rules, but it just does not make sense - no matter how they sound it out! I wanted to create a game that would help them to see, and memorize, the various combinations of letters that make up each R Controlled sound.

There are seven gameboards included in this set:
2 "are" boards (ex: yarn, jar, charm, tarp..)

2 "or" boards (ex: short, cord, fork, torch...)

2 "er" boards (ex: blur, skirt, fern, stir..)

and 1 "air" board (ex: pair, mare, bear, fair...) 

I also included a grayscale version for each board. I like to send these copies home with my students for extra practice.

This set is available in my Tpt shop!

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