Easy Phonics Centers for K-1 with Print and Play Games

Games are an engaging way to help students review key skills daily. They enjoy the repetition and predictability of the game, while increasing their ability to decode new words.

As a teacher, I know that low prep are always a favorite of mine. All you need to do is print these games and then your job is done!

short vowel print and play games

My class loves these CVC short vowel print and play games. 

Short vowel phonics games

They use these games during their arrival time, and our ELA block.

phonics games for K-1

Once they choose the version they like, they just need dice and game pieces. I store our in twist tubs next to the games so they can access them anytime.

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cvc short vowel activities for K-1

These games are easy for my students to run by themselves too. 

Literacy center games for K-1

After they land on a word, they read it to their partner, and then use it in a sentence. If their partner agrees, they can stay on that square. If they read it incorrectly or need help with a sentence, their partner will assist them. 

CVC activities for K-1

I love using games because it helps my students connect with each other in a different way. They are running the game themselves, and having great discussions while they do it.

Introducing new games during arrival time allows me to teach my early birds the rules first. They can then teach it to other students as they arrive.

It is a great way to foster independence in K-1 students.

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