Would You Rather Google Quizzes for Opinion Writing

When our school went into distance learning, we were just beginning our third trimester. Unfortunately that is my (and my students) favorite ELA unit - opinion writing!

I wanted to find a way to launch this unit in a fun way that would encourage them to give opinions - without being overwhelmed since they were trying it on their own at home.

I have been using Would You Rather Google Quizzes!
 Each quiz has two choices:
Then, there is a short answer question, where they explain why they made their choice.
They need to use the word because, to help them understand that opinions need reasons to back them up. It's easy for Kindergarten students, because these are topics they feel strongly about!
My class has really enjoyed these would you rather quizzes and are improving greatly in their ability to give their opinions in a clear way.

If you would like to see more, click here!

How do you teach opinion writing to K-1 students?

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