Number Bond Google Quizzes for K-1

When we switched to distance learning in March I was glad my class had already started working on addition and subtraction. What we hadn't focused on yet was number bonds, and the idea of parts and wholes. 

This is such a crucial skill for Kindergarten students to master and I wanted to ensure I covered it deeply. I used a combination of recorded lessons with hands on examples and Google quizzes to assess my students understanding. We would also practice number bonds during our weekly Google Meets. 

Each quiz has 6 multiple choice questions with 3 answer options. This is just enough questions to give me data, while not overwhelming my class. Basically a digital version of an exit slip!

These Google quizzes were a great way to quickly check in on their comprehension of this concept. 

First you get an overall view of how the class did as a whole.

Then a break down of each question, which lets you to see if anyone is struggling with this concept. It also allows you to see if they are ready for a challenge or to move on!

If you would like to see what one of these quizzes looks like in its entirety, check out this video.

For a closer look at this resource, click here!

Do you use Google quizzes for your K-1 students? Let me know how you use them in the comments below!

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