Distance Learning in Kindergarten

I'll be honest, distance learning in Kindergarten can be overwhelming when you first start to think about it!

Of course, that is true for most grades. However, in Kindergarten there  are many things that need to be seen in person, for both you and your student!

When we started out a month ago, I was emailing my families videos of lessons everyday. I didn't love that, because there are way to many emails as it is nowadays.

I made a Google Classroom, but I just didn't love it for Kindergarten. It isn't visual enough for early readers, due to all the tabs and clicking that is required to find the lessons.

Instead, I went with a Google site!

It is very visual, and allows me to create pages that my students can return to if they need to  find stories or lessons they missed.

Everyday I post 4 videos and 3 quizzes.

A greeting for the day with an overview of their assignments, a read aloud, a math lesson and either phonics or writing lesson - depending on the week.

 They just have to click the videos and it opens in a new window.

My videos are hosted on YouTube on an unlisted channel, but I'm using Safe YouTube for the links on my site. I do not want to send my Kindergarten students to YouTube!

After they have watched the videos for the day, they return to the homepage to take the Google quizzes that go with the lessons and stories and some fun ones too!

The best part of using a website is that it allows me to keep all my old lessons and content posted.

I have links to slideshows to practice skills.

As well as all the past books I have read aloud!

Previous math lessons,

As well as our writing lessons!

I also have a page that links their online programs with reminders for how to login.

I can have the website ready to go the day before, and I just have to publish it first thing each morning!

Since I implemented this site, I have had a lot of positive feedback from the parents of my students. They like that everything is easily accessible each day.

Leaving the quizzes and lessons up longer provides my students and families with a chance to work on school when it is convenient for them!

What are you using with your class for distance learning, a Google Classroom, or something else?

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