No Work Weekends Planning Schedule

student artwork in hall

It took about a year to figure my system out, but I now have a planning schedule that allows me to take each weekend off from school completely.

While I adore teaching and my class, the amount of time I used to work everyday was overwhelming. After my first full year of teaching I already felt burnt out. I knew something needed to change, but I did not want to sacrifice what was best for my class. I had to try out a lot of different methods, but I finally made a schedule for myself.

When I stick to it, I am done working by 8 pm each school night and I never work on weekends!

The best part is how truly rejuvenated I feel each Monday. I am excited to go back and spend time with my class.

Even just having a few hours of complete "me time" each school night helps. I find that I sleep so much better now.

My weeknight planning schedule:

I get home around 3:30, but after spending time with my dog Phoebe, exercising and eating dinner, I usually don't start to plan until about 6pm. I always make myself stop at 8pm, no matter what. It makes a huge difference in how well I sleep!

subtraction math project

is the hardest night, feeling exhausted from the first day back and wanting to curl up on the couch! 

I use this night to prep the easiest and most routine parts of my week: Star students, social skill read alouds, homework, word work, our sight words for the week and our Friday math/art projects. I need to prep these early so I can purchase any supplies I need ahead of time! app's view by class only makes this kind of planning so easy! <3

Tuesday is night I prep our math activities: problem of the days for the next week, math journals, the opening unit I will teach, guided math group work and our exploration lessons for each day.

weekly plans

is reading night. I plan my mini lessons for the following week, guided reading group work, and our center activities.

Weekly Plans

is writing focused. I usually only plan about 3 or 4 lessons, as a lot of times these concepts need to be taught for a day or two. makes it so easy for me to extend and bump lessons as need be.

I choose the books I will read for our opening, plan my mini lessons, prep for my guided writing groups and pull any additional writing activities needed for the week. I usually have a bit of extra time so I can get caught up on anything I may be behind on.

Planning for the Week

is my photocopying day. Our special is Health, which takes place in our room, so this is the best day for me to grab my expanding files so I can head to the copier to get all my handouts ready for the following week. I tend to stay after for about an hour after school, which is great because the copier is always free! 

teacher copy storage

And that is it - Friday night kicks off my no school work weekends!

I have been doing this for about a year and a half now and it has made such a positive impact on my life and health. I sleep better and am a lot more excited to see my students on Monday mornings!

Do you prefer to plan on paper? Check out my editable monthly calendar post.

What does your planning schedule look like? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for sharing how you spread your planning out during the week...such a good idea! Also, silly question, but how do you have it show the school day underneath the date in Planbook? I love that!

    1. Thanks! First you click on the "go to" tab, then click on display settings. When you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a check box for show school day counter! :)