Kindergarten Morning Routine

Our mornings, like most classrooms, is a bit hectic! Our kids arrive between 8:15-8:45, depending on how they are dropped off in the morning. I like to change up our morning routine each day, just to keep it interesting for everyone - including myself!

One staple in our routine is the Would You Rather questions.

After their Bee Binders and lunch boxes are tucked in the right places, they find their name on the table and cast their daily vote!

The questions range from favorite foods, to pets, hobbies, sports, holidays and more. They have to commit to one choice, which helps get them ready for our opinion writing unit later in the Spring. Each picture has an easy to read label above the clip art to help them decode what the days vote is for.

I never tell them the topic, I insist they use the picture and beginning sounds to figure it out! ;)

I have been using this for 3 years now, and each class really loves it. They gather by it with their friends and talk about their choices. 

It is also an easy way to work on comparing numbers each day. I keep a pointer nearby so they can count each side. Then our Star Student for the day gets to choose whether it requires a greater than, less than or equal sign. 

This fun and simple daily activity helps to solidify this concept visually for all of my students. I have this chart displayed in the front of the room, next to our door. This allows them to focus on it as we line up for lunch and Specials each day.

After they vote, they return to the table to choose an activity. I have 3 tracing activities that they can choose from: alphabet tracing, number tracing and their first and last names. makes it so easy to create name tracers for each student!

Monday mornings requires more active choices, so we use fun things like bubble wrap,

and one of their favorites, our loose parts bins!

I got these bins  on Amazon, and they are perfect for storing the loose parts materials (click here to read about our loose parts.)

I love seeing all the different creations they come up with while they work with these materials! 

Any time another adult stops by in the morning, this is the first place they go to as well!

I also use any of our math bins for morning activities. Anything hands on is always a great way to start the day!

and geostix are a few of their favorites. They are easy to clean up too!

 Once the bell rings they clean up and we are off to morning meeting!

What does your morning routine look like? Let me know in the comments below!

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