St. Patrick's Day Craft Addition Rainbows

Winter is endless in New England, and even though we have a had a mild one, I am over it! The numerous snowmen projects that have been adorning our hallway need to go. I wanted a colorful St. Patrick's Day display that would help us all to feel springy - what is better than a rainbow with a bit of gold at the end?

I saw Kwik Stix Tempera Paint on KinderKids instagram and I was intrigued - painting fun without the hassle of cleaning brushes? That is a must have in any Kindergarten!

Addition is our focus in math right now so I thought perhaps a bit of gold at the end of the rainbow would elicit some nice artwork with an added bonus of addition fact practice? Amazon had these awesome gold foil labels  and I knew I was good to go!

The best part of our math art projects is that they serve as an informal assessment. This project allowed me to see how well my students could write addition sentences and if they could represent their equations correctly with stickers.

Each student had to choose how to divide up their stickers, we only used facts that equaled 10 or less.

After they told me what their two sets of numbers were, I left the rest up to them! They knew they needed to make a sentence and most of them were able to complete it on their own.

They painted their rainbow, added stickers to each side and then created their addition sentence. They loved painting the rainbows and were amazed with how quickly the paint dried! The sticks were easy for everyone in class to use.

I think the gold stickers captivated them the most! Personally I was smitten with how cleanup took just 2 minutes!

This is my favorite kind of Friday afternoon project, fun and fast and with an incredibly easy clean up thanks to the paint sticks. I hung them up on Friday afternoon before I left, I cannot wait for my kids to see them on Monday morning!

What kinds of St. Patrick's Day projects will you be displaying in your class this month?

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