Kindergarten Math Centers - Motor Skills Monday Part 2

Kindergarten Math Centers

When I created the names for our math centers, I never anticipated how much my class would embrace them!

I was so surprised back in October when they would come in on Monday morning and tell each other "It is Motor Skills Monday today!"

Motor Skills Monday Math Activities

I knew that I wanted to have a entire  math day each week with the focus being on motor skills. My class last year really struggled with pencil grip and cutting. I used a lot of the components I use now, but having them all one day really helps my students understand the importance of the skill. 

We spent a lot of time talking in the fall about how the muscles in our hands need to have exercise just like our bodies. I would tell them how my 5th grade students struggled with handwriting and cutting since they didn't get a chance to do it enough. This helped them to understand how it important it was for them to work hard to build these muscles.

First up is our cut and color activity. All of these worksheets come from The Crazy Pre-K Classroom's Scissor Skills unit.
cut and color activities for fine motor

Every week we kick off our math center time with this activity. The beginning of the unit starts with basic shapes and lines to really get them ready. As the year goes on, I choose the thematic pages to best suit the week. My class LOVES these activities.

cut and color activities for fine motor

I thought the monster would be too hard for many of them, but almost every student was able to cut the monster out without losing a single leg!


cut and color activities for fine motor

cutting colorful paper with decorative scissors

Both the Hole punches and the decorative scissors are new this year. I stop by Hobby Lobby to buy whatever cardstock is on sale! Cutting can get so monotonous for little ones, but give them some edger scissors and they are hooked!

hole punches for motor skills
In the beginning of the year this bin was a bit frustrating for some students. We talked a lot about how the more they practiced, the easier it would get. Now everyone can use the scissors and even the mini hole puncher independently. The downside? We find itty bit hole punched creatures all over our room every Monday afternoon!

Tweezer Bins

Tweezer bin for muscle strength

This was a very easy center to prep, a shoebox filled with tweezers  and a whole lot of fun stuff to pick up! I included unfix cubes, pattern blocks, dominoes, popsicle sticks, foam pieces, coins, ribbons, paper and money in our bin.

We like to play this in a groups of 2 or 3. Each student challenges another student to pick up a certain item. The rule is that you can only use your tweezer, not your other hand or any fingers!

Tweezer Game for Motor Skills

Ice cube trays and beads

ice cube tray counting activity

ice cube tray counting activity      ice cube tray counting activity

This bin is another favorite in our room. I wrote numbers in the bottom of each ice cube tray with sharpie. I added in some beads and and some tweezers to help them count and place the correct number of beads into each slot.

beads and ice cube trays

I also included some pipe cleaners for beading bracelets. They love making patterns on these bracelets. Some kids like to string on as many beads as they can fit, then they estimate how many are on it before they count them. I love the ways in which they modify and challenge themselves at each center!

Beading onto pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaner and beads

Lacing beads

lacing beads on string

I had no idea of just how much they would enjoy these lacing beads. They use them to create patterns as well as build towers! One of my youngest students came running over to show me this tower he made. My favorite moment was when he told me that he even got the sphere to sit on the top of it! 

Stacking lacing beads


Geoboards for Fine Motor Practice

I am going to be honest, I never used geoboards last year. I was very hesitant to give my students access to that many rubber bands. This year I decided to embrace them and I am so glad that I did. They are able to create the most amazing things on them!

Geoboards for Fine Motor Practice

The cats were inspired by Creating Teaching Inspiring's class. She shared the amazing cats her class made on Instagram a few weeks ago.

I showed them to my class and they were so excited to try out cats on their boards.  I didn't help them at all, so it took them a few minutes to realize that they needed to turn their geoboards over in order to create the circle for its face!

Now that they have discovered the circle on the back, their favorite thing to do is make pizzas!

Geoboards for Fine Motor Practice

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts for Motor Skills

These nuts and bolts are my newest purchase. I think they will be more beneficial in the beginning of the year, but I could not resist trying them out with this class.

What I like about them is that you can put as many nuts on the bolt as you wish, but the more you put on, the trickier it gets! I think they are going to enjoy this challenge!

Nuts and Bolts, twisting together for muscle strength

Alphabet Robots

Alphabet Robots

These alphabet robots are great for finger muscles! It takes a lot of maneuvering to change it from its letter shape to its robot form! 

Alphabet Robots

It is only halfway through the year and I am amazed with the changes I can see in their coordination. I have not had to zip anyone's jacket since the end of December, and in New Hampshire, that is a wonderful thing!

They love coming up to me to show how easy it is to cut small items, string beads and use the hole punchers. I love the sense of pride and accomplishment they achieve at the end of each Motor Skills Monday!

Up next, part 3 - 100's Activities Tuesday!

How do you incorporate motor skills into your classroom?

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