Freebie!! Neon Crackled Bathroom Pass

I have wanted to create bathroom passes for my room about a zillion time this year, but of course I had not gotten around to it. Lately we have been practicing various drills - so I thought I best get cracking on making these! We tend to have at least 35 kids in the Computer Lab at a time - as you imagine keeping track of who is in the bathroom can be a bit chaotic on a regular basis, let alone during a drill!

There are 6 different colors, all in the Neon Crackled pattern - for the boys: blue, green and orange and for the girls: pink, purple and yellow. This will allow you to print and mix and match to suit your classroom's style!

I decided to print the green and blue for the boys and the pink and purple for the girls. I glued them back to back, that way there will always be a patterned side facing towards the room no matter how it is hung up.

I had some of this lovely polka dot ribbon leftover from when I made ribbon covered pens for my coworkers last Christmas. It was exactly enough for each pass! I knotted the ribbon and then gently ran a lighter over the edges to prevent fraying.

I plan on having my students leave these at their seat when they go to the bathroom, that way I will always know who is out at all times!

If you are interested in this freebie you can find it in my TpT shop!

What bathroom routine do you use for your classroom?


  1. Cute cute passes! Ummm, should I admit that I just tell them to go? Definitely not the safest routine (yikes!). Something I saw on Pinterest was to have a boys and a girls bottle of hand sanitizer and they leave the bottle on their desk and then USE the sanitizer when they get back! I like that idea too!

    Your passes are cute! Thanks for the freebie! I think I need to print them ASAP!
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Thanks Amanda! No don't feel bad, that is what I always did too until we started having all these drills! I saw that idea on Pinterest too, but I wasn't sure that I would want to refill those bottles all the time, my kids go through that stuff like crazy!!

  2. Very cute passes! Much cuter than the ones I have right now :) Thanks for the freebie!!

    Fun in Room 4B

    1. You're welcome Elizabeth! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh I like these so much. Our school makes us all use the same ones. :/ But these look GREAT!


    1. Thanks Melissa - hehe it is like a uniform for the bathroom passes!

  4. Wow, I just love your style. Your blog header is fabulous! Thank you for visiting my blog and the least I can do is return the favor--I am your newest follower! :)

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