Analogy Puzzles

Analogies come up often in Reading Plus for my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders and every time they are caught off guard! I wanted to create a quick activity that I could have on hand to help reinforce this concept for them.

There are a total of 30 analogy pairs in this set. I use just a few puzzles with my students in the beginning, until they get the hang of this concept.
There are black and white versions of these cards, as well as cards that come in four different colored plaid prints: blue, teal, tan and red. I like to use the colored sets - it is a lot easier to separate the puzzles quickly!

I included an Answer Key for all the puzzles to allow my students to check their work when they are done. Once they feel they have successfully paired up all the puzzles they can check their work and see who is the winner! I like to have them discuss their matches for a little while, before I give them the Answer Key - it is interesting to hear their reasoning behind the choices they have made.
I also used the analogy version with the "is to" omitted on the Answer Key to expose them to the alternate ways of writing analogies. (crayon:draw::pencil:write.) I am excited because I feel this is improving their understanding of this concept!

You can find this set in my TpT shop!


  1. Nice paper patterns. :) These would be wonderful for the older kids. I'll pass it along to the other teachers in my school.

    1. Thanks Melissa! They took me forever to make, I was going for a tweedish fabric look.

  2. Super cute! I used to be so good about doing analogies...but not so much now... :O(

    In other news, I was sitting in a Leadership meeting yesterday and my principal mentioned we'd have to start wearing keys around our neck to get in and out of the building at all times and then she mentioned getting us lanyards (yikes- I imagine they'll be maroon and gold- our school colors) so of course I immediately stopped listening because you, my bloggy buddy, popped into my head, and I started wondering how much I was going to have to pay you to make me a super cute the price.... :O)

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Thanks, I know it is so hard to find the time to squeeze it in! :) Thanks for thinking of me! I haven't quite figured out how I will go about all of that, but I'll let you know when I do!