Kindergarten Math Centers - 100's Activities Tuesdays Part 3

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When I returned to Kindergarten last  year, I knew that I wanted to focus on mastering the 100's. Not just counting to 100, but truly understanding the 100's chart and how it works.

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Kindergarten Math Centers - Motor Skills Monday Part 2

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When I created the names for our math centers, I never anticipated how much my class would embrace them. I was so surprised back in October when they would come in on Monday morning and tell each other "It is Motor Skills Monday today!"

I knew that I wanted to have a entire  math day each week with the focus being on motor skills. My class last year really struggled with pencil grip and cutting. I used a lot of the components I use now, but having them all one day really stresses the importance of the skill. 

We spent a lot of time talking in the fall about how the muscles in our hands need to have exercise just like our bodies. I would tell them stories about my 5th grade students  and how they struggled with handwriting and cutting.  This helped them to understand how it important it was for them to work hard to build these muscles.

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Kindergarten Math Centers - Part 1

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Our whole day is centered around workshops, so I kept the trend going for Math as well. We start off our math workshop at the rug. Everyone grabs a dry ease marker and a whiteboard, I love these whiteboard paddles. They are are the perfect size for writing and small enough so we don't feel overcrowded at our rug area!

First up is the Problem of the Day which consists of four skills; comparing numbers, counting on, adding and subtracting with ten frames and money.

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St. Patrick's Day Craft Addition Rainbows

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Winter is endless in New England, and even though we have a had a mild one, I am over it! The numerous snowmen projects that have been adorning our hallway need to go. I wanted a colorful St. Patrick's Day display that would help us all to feel springy - what is better than a rainbow with a bit of gold at the end?

I saw Kwik Stix Tempera Paint on KinderKids instagram and I was intrigued - painting fun without the hassle of cleaning brushes? That is a must have in any Kindergarten!

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Kindergarten Math Centers - Exploration Thursdays Part 5

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Exploration Thursday came about after watching my class explore all the new materials in the beginning of the year.

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Kindergarten Math Centers - Buddy Games Wednesdays Part 4

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I decided to include Buddy Games Wednesday into my math centers to increase teamwork.

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