First Grade Classroom Decor - A Fresh Look for 2021!

1st grade classroom meeting area

I have always loved my word wall that I used in Kindergarten, but this summer I decided I wanted to refresh this area for first grade!

Last year I looped up to first grade with my Kindergarten class. With everything going on with remote teaching, I never had a chance to change the posters that I had for Kindergarten. I regretted all year long that I did not have enough space to build vocabulary charts and anchor charts with my class. 

I also wanted to change up the white backgrounds to add some color and make it pop and fit first grade a bit more.  I went with brights and still kept an easy to read font. I find this always benefits my students the most!

first grade math posters

I downsized our shapes to 2D and 3D shapes to just two posters and added in coins and base ten since those were two concepts first grade focuses on in detail. 

I left a lot of space for anchor charts around these posters as we will be building the math vocabulary together!

first grade meeting area posters

Our new ELA program focuses on writing the date so I included the numbers for the months on the poster.

today's date posters

The pink paper is our calendar, they will add each date with dry erase marker and the green is where they can write the date out in its full form.

alphabet posters

I added a new alphabet above the whiteboard in our meeting area too.

first grade weather station

I laminated the weather station so they can attach the daily weather with velcro and record the temperature with dry erase markers.

first grade meeting area posters

I love how it looks and how much space there is to build and display vocabulary and anchor charts! 

Here's a quick preview of what is included:

This set is available in my TpT shop. I hope you are all having an excellent start to your new school year!

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