Classroom Seating for K-2

classroom seating ideas for K-2

I've always been a table teacher. I had desks when I taught 5th, and during the pandemic. However, I prefer tables because there is much more space in our room!

classroom seating options

I use to have a mix of small chairs that ranged from 12-14 inches and were never quite the right size. Over the years I have changed my seating over to chairs and stools that are 16-18 inches and a much more comfortable height for my students! I let my students choose which type of seating they prefer throughout the year. 


sturdy 18" stools for classroom

These 18 inch stools are one of my favorite parts of my classroom! They add a lovely pop of color (I have both yellow and teal) and are incredibly sturdy. I have tried four different styles now, but these are rugged and easy to clean. 

My students love that they can wrap their legs around them - and I like how they don't break when they do it! They allow my students to sit up straight and engage their cores too! Plus, they are easy to move around the room when my students work together.  

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Purple Chairs

18" purple classroom chairs

K-1 students are so tall these days and the chairs we had never fit them, so I added these 16 inch chairs to our room. They fit at all of our tables and the purple color is popular with all my students too!

Wobble Cushions

wobble cushions

I have a variety of wobble cushions in my classroom now and my students love them! Some students use them all day and others only for a bit of time. I have noticed a difference in many students ability to focus when they use these cushions, both in chairs and on the floor.

Numbered Rug Squares

numbered rug squares

These rugs are one of the best things I have ever gotten for my class! In the past I tried many different bath mats and foam squares. The bath mats were always too large and the foam squares never cleaned up as easily. 

These rugs are 14" x 14" with a nonskid backing, which makes them easy to shake and cleanup! They are labeled from 1-30 which allows you to assign a number to your students. I got mine from Lakeshore Learning but unfortunately they have been discontinued. However, there are number rug squares in the same size.

Storage Benches

Lakeshore Learning storage benches

Lakeshore Learning's storage benches are another one of my favorite parts of our room! The vinyl cushions are comfortable and easy to clean. You can fit three or four students on each bench and the storage spot underneath is very useful! I have used it for math manipulative and for our classroom library. The benches make a nice divider for the room too. 

It is a great place to spread out and play during indoor recess too - and we have those a lot in the winter!

                                Lakeshore Learning storage bench

I have even used them as window seats for the past 2 years!

Lakeshore Learning storage benches

Otto Storage Stools

Otto storage stools

These orange and pink Otto storage stools are amazing! They are 17" and they can hold a lot of items (stuffed animals in this case) and make a very comfortable seat. I have a yellow one too that stores our larger math manipulatives.

Otto storage stools

Otto storage stools

10" Chairs

10" chair for floor tables and small tables

These chairs are the perfect size for IKEA Lack tables and floor tables. They are sturdy and comfortable enough for an adult long as you aren't sitting too long!

Patterned Accent Chair

my teacher chair

Lastly, we have my patterned accent chair. It's the perfect fit for our meeting area and read aloud time. My students love to sit in this chair during author share time too!

What seating options do you have in your classroom?

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