Freebie - Irregular Vowels Game

I just finished up running records with my 5th graders last week and one goal jumped out at me for almost all of them - irregular vowels.

No matter what level they are reading on, many were tripped up by these tricky sounds! I decided to put together a game for Word Study this week and I would like to share it with everyone! 

irregular vowel game freebie
irregular vowel practice for 3-5
* All graphics are created by Pretty Grafik Designs *

This freebie includes one game board featuring 11 irregular vowel sounds:

igh - examples: sight, night, light, bright

ng - examples: bang, long, ring, sung

ost - examples: host, ghost, most, post

ow - examples: cow/bow or low/row 

oi - examples: hoist, moist, coil boil, foil

oo - examples: book/look/took or goose/loose

ous - examples: famous, joyous, nervous, anxious

au - examples: fault, haul, vault

sion, tion - examples: information, lotion, mission, vision

augh - examples: laugh, daughter, taught 

ough - examples: cough, rough, tough

It also includes rules of play, a key to help students understand the sounds these irregular vowels make, and a score sheet. This score sheet works well as an exit slip!

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Interested in more irregular vowel games? Check out my post about the full version here!

Are irregular vowels hard for your students to master too? Let me know in the comments below!  

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