Irregular Vowels Games Set

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I am looking forward to using this Irregular Vowels game set in one in my Word Study rotations after vacation. My students could definitely use a refresher in the variety of sounds that these 11 vowels can make.

There are seven game boards:

• igh (ex: fright, bright, limelight, airtight…)

• ng (ex: tongue, slung, fling, wrong…)

• ous and ost (ex: joyous, serious, ghost, almost…)

• ow and oo (ex: grow, plow, moose, book…)

• au and oi (ex: gauze, clause, hoist, foil…)

• tion and sion (ex: mention, fiction, erosion, fusion…)

• augh and ough (ex: laugh, caught, through, dough…)

* All graphics are created by Pretty Grafik Designs *

I also included a key to help them decode these words. It has a description of the sound the vowels make, as well as examples.

The score sheet makes a great exit slip. It allows me to see how well each group worked together, and I am able to assess whether or not we need to do a whole class review on one of the sounds.

As a lot of these words are higher level, many of my students use a dictionary (online or a book) to look up the words prior to writing their context sentence. This is a nice way to build vocabulary while they play the game.

This set is available in my TpT shop and it is discounted for the first 24 hours!


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