Irregular Vowels Games Set

Irregular vowel gamesI am looking forward to using this Irregular Vowels game set in one in my Word Study rotations after vacation.

My students could definitely use a refresher in the variety of sounds that these 11 vowels can make.

irregular vowels

There are seven game boards:

• igh (ex: fright, bright, limelight, airtight…)

• ng (ex: tongue, slung, fling, wrong…)

• ous and ost (ex: joyous, serious, ghost, almost…)

• ow and oo (ex: grow, plow, moose, book…)

• au and oi (ex: gauze, clause, hoist, foil…)

• tion and sion (ex: mention, fiction, erosion, fusion…)

• augh and ough (ex: laugh, caught, through, dough…)

irregular vowels* All graphics are created by Pretty Grafik Designs *

I also included a key to help them decode these words. It has a description of the sound the vowels make, as well as examples.

The score sheet makes a great exit slip. It allows me to see how well each group worked together, and I am able to assess whether or not we need to do a whole class review on one of the sounds.

As a lot of these words are higher level, many of my students use a dictionary (online or a book) to look up the words prior to writing their context sentence. This is a nice way to build vocabulary while they play the game.

This set is available in my TpT shop, and there is also another version. Check it out in this blog post!

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