Nail Art - Neon Straw Circles

This is how my nails started the week on Monday. Please disregard the messy edge, my white polish has gotten wicked thick and when on really badly! Consequently this led to a lot of chipping. As in Tuesday afternoon and my nails were already chipped! I usually make it till Wednesday or Thursday without  a chip!
This led to me changing up my nails on Wednesday night. I contemplated taking it off and starting over but I was way to lazy! So I touched up the chipped spots with white and then ran a line of Sally Hansen Ink Splatter black crackle down the middle of each nail. I must say I adore how they came out! I may try this look intentionally next time!

Now back to how I got this look, I used Sally Hansen White On and China Glaze Poolside Collection, with the exception of the coral orange color. It never seems neon-y enough when I use it with the other colors.
I painted each nail will the dreadful thick white (soon to be replaced with Essie Blanc. No more thick nail polish for me!) Then I placed a few drops of neon polish on a paper plate. I used a straw, just the standard sized one you get when you order a soda, and dipped it in the color.

I like to blow lightly on the other end of the straw so I end up with outlined circles, not solids. Then I gently press down on my nails. Before I lift the straw I wiggle it in a circular motion, sort of like using stamps! I repeat these steps until I have covered most of my nail. Then I choose a new color and do it all over again!

These are so easy and fun and I love how the neon popped on the white!

What is new for you with nail wise? Any new shades that you are currently obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. They look gorgeous. Makes me want to paint my nails... but I don't have any.