The Wrap Up = Perfect Bun!! Giveaway Winner!

I am a huge fan of buns, but my hair is starting to get really long. It has become a bit more annoying trying to create a nicely shaped bun. I tried the sock bun, I really did, but it is not my friend. The sock shows through and it always tangles and rips my hair in a horrible way when I attempt to take it out.

Lo and behold I came across a tweet the other day that mentioned a hair stylist who created a tool that makes quick easy buns. I clicked onto the website and I was definitely intrigued! Sarah Potempa is now my new favorite person. She has invented the best bun creator EVER! It is called The Wrap Up and it seriously rocks! The video made it look so easy that I just had to have it! (It comes in yellow and black too!)

It arrived today and I am totally smitten!

The first picture shows how it looks closed, the middle is how it opens for you to slide your hair in. The last picture shows how it folds over to close up! 

You just put your hair in a ponytail, slide The Wrap Up over it, then slide it down to the bottom of your hair. Next you roll it all the way back up to where your ponytail is. The last step is to close it into a circle and spread your hair around to hide the tool! 

Voila - the perfect bun in no time at all! This is definitely going to be my favorite summer style! It is very lightweight, soft and foamy and does not destroy your hair which is one of the best parts! 

(Side note: This post is all from my true adoration of this product. I was not asked to blog about it but I just had to tell you lovely ladies about it once I tried it! I already got my sister hooked on it too!!)

Last but not least, congratulations Rachel! You are the winner of the Springtime Syllable Bingo Set! I will be emailing you tonight! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Have a great night!


  1. Well, I'm not gonna lie, I saw the photo of that bun tool in my blogger feed and thought, what the heck is THAT so I had to click to find out what you were up to, of course.

    Very interesting! My hair is super short so I don't even remember how to make a bun! ;O) And, I'm going to go get it chopped even more tomorrow! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

    You need to take a pic of it in your hair so I can visualize it. ;O)

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