CVC Games featuring a,e,i,o,u & mixed vowels!!

This game set is one of my first graders favorites, and one of mine too! It is a fun way to reinforce certain vowel sounds and it is very easy to differentiate for any learning style! This set comes with 6 different game boards - short a, e, i, o, u and a mixed vowel board that is great tool for assessing how well your students can decode all the vowel sounds.

My early readers simply read each sound individually, and then blend them together. By starting with a simple vowel board I can really use this game to isolate what sounds they are having trouble with, and whether or not they are able to identify where the beginning and ending sounds are.

My more advanced decoders read the word and also use it in a sentence. This allows me to see if they understand the words they are reading and it also helps with building vocabulary too.  For example hem, pep and fib are always new words they have not heard before. I use these trickier words in a sentence and then they try it out in their own sentence. ("Oh no, the hem on my shirt is ripped!!") My ELL students and I even act out some of the words. When we landed on "dim" I showed them how to dim the lights on my macbook. I am always amazed at how quickly they remember these new words and what they mean, even when we have not played the game for awhile!

I also included gray scale copies of all 6 game boards. I like to print these off and send them home for practice when we are wrapping up a skill and moving on to another one.

The patterns in these games are Erin Bradley Designs Colorful Polka Dots and Stripes Digital Papers. I absolutely love these! 

CVC Games featuring Short Vowels is available in my TpT  shop!

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  1. I was just looking for more CVC ideas. Love yours! :) Happy rest of the weekend!


  2. This looks great! I love how colorful the boards are!

    Compassionate Teacher

  3. Love this; I am a special education teacher working with a cognitively challenged student and I am struggling to find new materials that will motivate her. She will just love this!!!

  4. This looks great! I like the colors that you have chosen because I know my class would like them too!

  5. Wow it feels like I have been gone for so long. Actually I am looking at this and thinking of how I can use it with my Kinder kids. It looks fabulous Melissa.
    Melissa :)