Blends Games with R, L & S Blends & Short Vowels!

My first graders are still struggling a bit with decoding words, so I switched tactics these past two weeks and have begun drilling the blends. We started with the /r/ blends last week and this week we moved on to the /l/ blends. I must say my whiteboard table has been hugely helpful on these skill building days!! My students are obsessed with this table! (I may be just a tad bit obsessed with it too!)

We usually start with me demonstrating the blend sounds which they then write down- /tr/ is always the hardest! We make a chart for all the blends, then we take turns making the sounds, or saying words that start with those blends. We add checks under each each column until we are out of space! Next, it is time to add the decoding part! We have been using this game a lot this week!

There are four boards in this set (R blends, L Blends, S Blends & 3 Letter S Blends.) They all have short vowel sounds and simple consonant endings. My students have really enjoyed playing them this week. They are a fast way to see how well they have mastered decoding each blend. We usually take turns using each others words in a sentence, it helps me see if they understand the word and even introduces them to some new words too!

I also included a Score Sheet for my students to use when they play in a small group by themselves. They write the blend they landed on in the left column, and then use it in a sentence in the right column. This has been very helpful when I am off assessing another student, or solving a tech crisis. I can quickly check the Score Sheet to see if they understood what the words mean. If they had trouble I can check-in with them to correct their mistakes. If they used it correctly they get a point for each sentence. All these items are also included in gray scale as well!

This set is available in my TpT shop!

Happy (almost) Friday - stay warm and safe if the blizzard is headed your way!!

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