Contraction Puzzles

contraction puzzles for K-2

My students use Spelling City in Computer Lab a lot and I have noticed more and more of my students are using the Test Me part to create a list of Contractions.

They are really trying to memorize them - but they are having a hard time remembering the rules for each Contraction family. 

I created a game to help them remember these rules. I spread the separated puzzle pieces around the room, set a timer for 10 minutes and they had to try to find as many correct matches as possible. Then, we went around the room to share out. The rest of the class gives a thumbs up if it is right or down if it is wrong!

contraction puzzles

To play in a center, students must find the Contraction and the two words that make up that Contraction. They will then record use the Score Sheet to record the word and they must also use it correctly in a sentence. I included a sample page to demonstrate how to fill out the score sheet.

contraction puzzle score sheet

The winner is the player who collects the most correct pairs of Contractions! They can tally their scores at the bottom of the Score Sheet. This is also a great way for me to easily assess their understanding of each Contraction. Students can self-correct their work using the Answer Keys before they pass in their Score Sheets.

contraction puzzles answer key

I included three posters that break down the rules for each contraction family, so that my students could reference the rules in Writers Workshop.

contraction rules

This set is available in my Tpt shop!

Looking for more puzzles for your class? Check out my homophone puzzle post!


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