A Winter Wonderland (the day & a game)!!

First off I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I wish everyone lots of rest and relaxation for the rest of their vacations and for the New Year!
I thought this name would be fitting for the game I made today as New England is enjoying quite the winter wonderland today! If only this had arrived a few days earlier we would have had a white Christmas! However, I am just happy that we are finally having some snow now!
As I was reveling in the beauty of the snow whilst drinking my morning coffee,  I made this penguin and decided he would be the host for my game!
Lately my third graders are having a bit of trouble with digraphs (I have actually had several sound out each letter!!!) I wanted to create a set of games to boost their awareness of these sounds. These games feature the digraphs ch/sh/th/wh as well as short, long and R Controlled vowels. (I know my students can not be the only ones who need more practice with the R Controlled vowels!!) There are a total of six boards - one for each vowel and a mixed vowel for review.
I included grayscale copies of the boards as well, to save on ink and to make them easier (and more affordable) for me to print and send home with my students!

This set is available in my TpT shop shop!

I also took our three black labs out for a romp in the snow today - sadly I am more exhausted than they are! What did all you other snow buried people do today? Anyone out and about enjoying the weather? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. LOL no the snow and cold weather keeps me in! Today is the first day in about 5 that the temps went up to 20F. Been averaging 10 for about a week. I'm glad the snow missed us and that your enjoying it on your end.

    My kids mix up digraphs and blends. It's something we are working on. :) Your game looks fab. Only wish I had more time with my kids to play more games. 1 hr is just not enough for all I have to do.

    Enjoy the weather.

    1. Hehe I guess you either love it or hate it! The 10 degrees part isn't my favorite though, I'm glad it warmed up a smidge! Thanks! I wish I could use the games more often for my older students but Intervention is just to short!