Classroom Lighting Alternatives

I detest fluorescent lights...and as a result I create children who do too!

When I worked as a pullout teacher in computer lab, we would shut them off everyday. Mostly because we were all staring at computer screens and the lights just made it too bright. As the year wore on my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders would just know to shut them off when it was time for their Intervention groups. I was out one day and the sub was not pleased when they shut them off...perhaps I should have mentioned that in the sub plans!

Now that I have my own class this year, and due to the fact that the projector is running all day, the no lights policy has started yet again! We tried just shutting off one set each day (they are panel lights) but no matter which set we tried it was just too bright! Shutting them all off was a solution on bright sunny days, but when winter started it became too dark.

I have two small lamps
that I got last year from Walmart, but they only use 40 watt bulbs, so that is not very helpful!

I went on an endless quest scouring the internet and I finally found these!
They are at Bed Bath & Beyond and cost $39.99. I love how the shades are on arms that let you move them around, and I truly love how each one uses a 60 watt bulb! You can have all five lights on, or just two or three depending on how you turn the switch.

I bought one to start with, but ended up getting a second one a few days later. I put them on either side of my chalkboard and they are amazing! Now it is bright enough that we can have the lights off!

I tried to snap a few picks before I left for vacation but in my haste they came out too blurry! I will share some when I go back. I am so thrilled with how well they are going to work! For now I have the Instagram pic I took in my room when I set up the first lamp!
What kind of lighting do you use in your classroom?


  1. Cute lamp! I love that you can choose how many bulbs to turn on by how many times you click the switch. So handy! That is totally on my wishlist now.

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

    1. Thanks! I know, I was so excited when I realized it could do that! It is totally worth the price!!

  2. Cute lamp! We're not allowed to have any lamps in our classroom. We have to use the overhead lights. Even if I turn them off when I use the smartboard, my principal comes in and turns them on! Ha!
    Teacher in NC

    1. Aw, that is no fun! I mean really, even when the smartboard's on!!! I'm really thankful now, because mine doesn't mind! Happy new year!