Word Study Opening = Word of the Day!

Check out the updated version of this resource here!

Now that I am teaching 5th grade, I have been getting a lot of use out of my Word of the Day set. We have Intervention prior to Word Study, so they are straggling into class over the course of a five minute period. This activity is a great opening for our Word Study block each day!

My students record the word each day in their Reader's Notebook as soon as they come back from Intervention. This keeps it from getting too chaotic when they all return. First they write down the word and the definition, then they create their own context sentence.

Once everyone has arrived we read over the word together. I choose a different student for each part (one for the word, one for the definition and one for the context) and many students like to share out their context sentences too. This allows almost everyone to have a chance to participate throughout the week. I have found that by creating their own context sentences they are forming a better understanding of what each word means.

I created a free template that can be used to record these words each day, in case you would rather record them on paper than in a journal.
If you are interested just click the picture or the link down below!


My Word of the Day set is available for a new low price!

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  1. This set looks great! Our school year finishes in December, so it is too late to implement this year - I will have to wish list it and see if I teach 4th again next year!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Thanks Alison! I hope you have a great end of the school year! :)