Digital Birthday Chart

We all know that birthdays are a big deal, maybe not for us, but definitely for our students! In past years I would have a Google word doc I would check each month so I could see who had a birthday coming up. Of course, in the busier months I would have a hard time remembering to check!

I created a digital file that has all the birthdays happening in each month and it has worked out great this year! 

I display it on the TV on the first of the month. We read through to see who has a birthday coming up and what day of the week it will fall on. 

This helps us to incorporate the calendar and days of the week as well. Next, we talk about how old they will be turning. 
Then when one of their birthdays arrives, we check in on the display again and make a quick graph showing the new ages of the students in our class. It's always an exciting moment when you join the 6 year old club!

It has been wonderful to watch and see how they remember whose birthday is coming up each month.  

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