End of the Year Memory Books for K-1

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As every teacher knows, the last few weeks of school are a hectic time. They are packed with field trips, field day, assemblies, graduation activities and a whole lot of active children!

Being back in Kindergarten for the first time in ten years, I was a bit unsure of how I could go about keeping them occupied; while still writing, reading and of course, having fun!

I thought that a memory book would be our best bet. I wanted it to be a writing activity we could all do together - but I didn't want anyone to feel stressed or overwhelmed at the thought of making a book.

I decided to use a combination of graphic organizers and open responses. This would allow my students who loved to write the option of expressing themselves freely. The graphic organizer would give enough structure and motivation to even my most reluctant writer! (Or anyone who had a severe case of "summer brain" those days!)

I let my students choose which version they preferred:

They really enjoyed being able to choose the pages they wanted to complete and the style in which they could do it.

We did the graphs together and the class names made a wonderful morning work activity those last few mornings!
One of the parts that my class loved the most was the borders and black and white clipart. They liked coloring it in and I loved how uniquely different each book turned out.

This activity definitely made the last few days a lot more fun for everyone!

If you would like to see more, click here or on any of the pictures above!

I hope you have a wonderful last few weeks of school!
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TpT's Teacher Appreciation Sale!

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One of the things I love most about my room this year is my word walls. I wanted to create signs that were easy to read and would actually be useful to my class.
I have one long bulletin board in our morning meeting area that has the majority of our signs.

It features shapes, numbers, color words, months, days, seasons, our calendar, weather station and sight word of the day.
Running above our windows, I have all the past sight word posters we have learned this year.
My students utilize all of these posters more than I could have imagined! It has made a positive impact on their writing and really helped them to be more independent. During writers workshop many students will move to the rug with a clipboard so they can be near the words they need.

If you are interested in any of these items, they are on sale May 5th and 6th in my TpT shop. You can save 28% if you use the promo code: ThankYou

Just click the pictures for more information!

Looking to save some money? You can get all of these sets in one money saving bundle! Just click the picture below!

Now I'm off to do some shopping! :) Have a wonderful week!

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Money Games for K-1

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The time my Kindergartners have been eagerly awaiting has arrived...our money unit! They are consumed by all things involving money right now!

So, I created some fun games to fit into our centers that will help to reinforce the names, coins and their value.

This set includes:
 Money Puzzles

• 4 way puzzles matching coin front, back, name and value
• 2 way puzzles matching coin with its name
• 2 way puzzles matching coin with its value

Game boards

• What’s the Value? (name the coin and value you land on)
• Name that Coin! (read the value and name the coin)
• How Much Am I Worth? (read the coin name and state its value)


• 6 boards (5x5) featuring front and back coin clip art
• call out cards featuring coin name or value for easy differentiating!

These games are excellent resources for math centers, summer skill packets or take home resources!  Click the pictures above for more information!

Happy Sunday!
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