Sight Word of the Day Sets (Pre-Primer & Primer) - Daily Vocabulary Builders

8/21/2014 / 2 comments

I blame Pee Wee Herman and his Secret Word of the day, I really do!


Whatever the reason, I am addicted to vocabulary and words of the day!

Since I am headed back to Kindergarten I wanted to incorporate HFW's into my favorite (and my students favorite) daily routine - so I merged my Word of the Day concept with both the Pre-Primer and Primer sight words to create...The Sight Word of the Day!

Each set contains posters that feature a sight word, a context sentence and clipart picture cues to help your students decode the sentence.

Click the pictures for additional information!

The Pre-Primer Set features 40 Posters:
Display Signs and tally chart - this helps you to keep of how many times you and your class come across that word each day.

Sight Word Challenge Mini-book - This allows your students to keep a record of all the words they find on their own.

Check list: This will help you manage which of the words you have used throughout the year.
 Here are a few examples of the Pre-Primer posters:
 The Primer Sight Word Pack features 52 posters:
Here are a few examples of the Primer posters:

I cannot wait to start using these with my kiddos this year!

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  1. This will be a great supplement to my son's current reading program!

  2. As a special education teacher, these visuals would be so helpful to make sight words stick.


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