Would You Rather - Opinion Writing in K-1

We always start our day the same way in Kindergarten. My students come in and unpack their binders, then they grab their name tag and they are off to the Would You Rather display. They love seeing what the topic is for the day.
It is displayed in a pocket chart, and each day I tape the two voting cards to the top. My class uses the pictures as clues for what each topic is - it is a nice way to encourage them to use a combination of beginning sounds and pictures to solve new words.

After they vote they grab an opinion slip. They write down their choice and at least one reason why. We use the quarter sheets but eventually they will move on to the bigger sized templates when they can come up with more reasons.

In the beginning it was hard for them to simply choose between the two choices, but now they are much more confident in their opinions. It is really helping them to feel more successful during our opinion writing unit!
During morning meeting we use the chart to compare numbers visually. This has made a huge improvement in how well my students understand numbers. Being able to visually see 15 versus 6 has really helped them to understand greater than, less than and equal too!
Starting this week they will also be completing their own comparing numbers exit slip. On this quarter sheet they will write the number on each side, circle the correct symbol and write it in the box.

There are 200 cards organized into 10 different categories.

I included editable name plates and display signs as well!

Most day they beg to know what the topic will be before they leave for the day! They love the pictures so much they all want to keep it. We had to start using stick pick to raffle the cards off, just to keep things fair.

Do you use would you rather with your class? Let me know how in the comments below!

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