Would You Rather - Opinion Writing in K-1

11/29/2015 / Leave a Comment
We always start our day the same way in Kindergarten. My students come in and unpack their binders, then they grab their name tag and they are off to the Would You Rather display. They love seeing what the topic is for the day.
It is displayed in a pocket chart, and each day I tape the two voting cards to the top. My class uses the pictures as clues for what each topic is - it is a nice way to encourage them to use a combination of beginning sounds and pictures to solve new words.

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Visual Hundreds Chart

11/08/2015 / Leave a Comment
Before I became a Kindergarten teacher, I spent 7 years working as a Certified Instructor in grades K-5. Over those years, one thing really stood out to me - how little understanding many students had of the hundreds chart. 
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