New Year's Resolution

1/01/2014 / Leave a Comment

I have a wee bit of a shopping problem. Actually it is a huge one! My blog name may be a bit of a clue that I really do love all things fashion!

I am meticulous about finding great deals, but lately I have been wondering if that really matters. I mean sure, it is an excellent deal, but l of great deals still add up to me spending a whole lot of money!

I decided to set a challenge for myself. I am a competitive person, so I think this may work. I will not shop for 3 months. At first I thought I would just not shop in January, but I decided to be brave!

This is going to include everything too, not just clothes. No books, dvd's, jewelry, nail polish or crafts. I am not even going to use my gift cards that I got for Christmas! Wish me luck, I know it is going to be rough for awhile!

The end goal will be worth it though. Not only will I have broken my addiction, I will also have saved a lot of money!!

As I edited this post I decided to include a collage of most (not all sadly) of the things I have purchased this past year. Looking at this picture I know that I am ready for this challenge!

What New Year's resolutions are you going to set this year?


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