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Here are a few items that are great for a new school year! Just click the pictures for links!

The Sight Word of the Day Pre-Primer Pack is a great daily activity for building sight word awareness! You can introduce a new word each day. Each word features its own context sentence. There is also a mini-book that challenges your students to find the word as many times as they can each day!!
I wanted to revitalize my classroom labels, so I added neon backgrounds! This Neon Classroom Labels set has large labels (3.6x10 inch) for large classroom items and small labels (3x5 inch) for supplies.  Labels includes desks, tables, clocks, computers, carts, pencils, pens, glue and more!
The Fry Word Wall set includes Fry First 500 words and ABC letter cards for word wall displays.  ABC headers are 6 1/2 x 5 inches and word cards measure 2 1/2 x 5 inches. These cards are easy to fit in small spaces! Each set of 100 has a different color frame around the word. These cards can be mixed and matched to suit your students needs!
The Word of the Day set features 200 words with definitions and context sentences. This is a quick activity that can fit into any packed schedule! It is a great way to expose your students to new words! Add an extra challenge by seeing how many times your students can use the word that day! Includes a checklist of all 200 words to help you keep track during this yearly unit!

Have a great Sunday! :)


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