Teacher Toolbox Trio Linky!

 I am linking up with Alison from Eberopolis for her Teacher Toolbox Trio Linky!

# 1: Something I Made:
My Word of the Day set has been a great resource in my classroom for years! It is a fun way to introduce my students to a variety of new words, and it is a quick activity too! It fits easily in wherever you have extra time.

This year we used it during Intervention for our Opening. Once the kids were settled in their seats I would choose one to read the word, one to read the definition and one to read the context. We would then take turns using the word again in our own sentences to reinforce the meaning. My kids always get a kick out of finding these words in the books they are reading in their Intervention programs!!

#2: Something I Purchased:
I purchased Fun Games 4 Learning's Math Problems and Math Brain Teasers set a few months ago. I wanted to incorporate some interesting math problems into our Intervention block. A lot of students were finishing their assignments early and we all know how that can lead to chaos with some groups!!

Everyday I would write one of these problems on the board and we would read it as a group at the start of class. In the beginning just my early finishers would try them, but as the year went on more and more students joined in. Teresa came up with some really fun and interesting problems! I actually found myself solving them for fun when I first purchased this set!

#3: Something I Wish Listed:

I adore these Bright & Clear Library Labels that my fantastically talented sister Kristen made! They have been on my wish list and are something I will definitely use when I get my own classroom! I love the colors and the clip art she chose, that girl just has the best taste!! 

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  1. YOu are so right. I have the alphabet your sis made and I just ADORE it, and so do my kids! Talent and good taste runs in the family.

  2. I just added your Word of the Day to my wish list...This linky could end up being very expensive for me! :) Thanks for linking up. I'm a new follower!

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