March Currently!!

3/02/2013 / 16 comments
I am linking up with Farley's currently for the first time and I am very excited! I have seen Kristen do these bunches of times and my blog roll is always full of them every month, so I figured it was time to join in!

Listening: It should be some nice soothing music but that is slightly (I'm being kind here) masked by Phoebe's rather incessant fussing. She is a rather chatty Labrador!

Loving:  My new sneakers!! They are black with neon and they are the best things ever! In fact they inspired the manicure I will be doing tomorrow!

Thinking: About all of the things I have to get done before going back to school Monday!

Wanting: Spring weather!! Desperately wanting is more like it! I am really missing the sun a lot this year so it needs to hurry on back now!

Needing: To clean the house. Like now if possible. I started a few things and then got a wee bit distracted by this currently...

Like: Movies - Pretty much any and all kinds. My movie collection is getting rather gigantic but I am totally okay with that!

Love: Music - Same as above, pretty much all kinds. I am one of people that always has to have music playing especially in the car!

Hate: Malice - I really dislike when people are intentionally malicious to each other.

Now it's your turn, head over to Farley's to link up! 
Have a great weekend!


  1. Sooo jealous! I am in need of a manicure before sandal season!

    1. Ooh I desperately need one on my toes too! I just hope sandal season gets here soon so I will have an excuse to do one!

  2. Glad I found your blog. Just sitting here thinking that I need to redo my grey nails to something else funky! LOL
    I love music too....and I play it LOUD when I'm cleaning the helps!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

    1. Grey nail polish is the only color my collection is lacking that I still need to get! I love how chic it looks! Great idea Nicki, I think I'll grab my ipod & get to cleaning!

  3. Oh I love your blog! Love it! I am your newest follower! Come by and visit me
    Katie Knight
    Teacher to the Core Blog

  4. Can you imagine a world without music? That would be torture!
    Don't be hating, but I actually left my computer at school and I am not in a panic. I am caught up and maybe a day or 2 ahead. It rarely happens. I celebrated by cleaning the house today. Now, to some me time - maybe scrapbooking for awhile.

    1. Gah, I could not live without music! It would be eerily quiet and dull all the time! I shall not hate, but I am a wee bit jealous that you are ahead! I did start my cleaning but then got totally distracted by the bracelet I just had to make. I guess I should go try to finish now!

  5. Congratutions on your first Currently Link Up! It is my favorite linky ever! I need to go to TPT and check out your St. Patty's day stuff! So happy to find you through the Currently!

  6. I just found your blog! I'm your newest follower :)


  7. And who was malicious to you? Let me know I will rip them apart. LOL Ok I guess it is time I do my Currently too. Maybe I'll get it up tomorrow.

    1. Hehe thanks, I was thinking if the world in general I guess!!

  8. I just love getting new shoes and I feel ya on wanting Spring weather to get here fast. I am SO- over all the snow and cold weather. I am ready to fly off some where warm and spend the days on a beach :)

    Lovely Literacy & More

    1. Ooh new shoes and a beach sound perfect to me! We finally hit 50 today and it feels like summer!! Bring on the warmth!! :)


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