3-Day New Year's Sale - 20% Off All Items!

12/29/2012 / 2 comments
I am having a 3 day sale in both my TpT shop! Everything is on sale for 20% off! A new year is a great time to start fresh and get organized! Here are a few products I am using in my classroom to keep myself and my students organized!

The Month & Day Template includes a different colored houndstooth template for every month of the school year! Simply print, laminate and write the day of the week and the date each day!  This is an easy way to fix the date daily without having to write it all out each day. (I may be alone in this, but I am incapable of writing the date straight! Then I am forced to look at my slanted writing for the rest of the day!) Each template is 3 1/2 inches wide and 10 inches long, it will equal 20 inches if placed side by side.

Name plates with Alphabet Line and Numbers 1-20! We all know that by this time of year the name plates are starting to look a little rough! I have several different patterns available in my shop; polka dots, neon patterns, geometric shapes, neon crackle and chevron. Each set has six different color patterns. Each template is 3 1/2 inches wide and about 10 inches long. Simply choose the colors that best suit your classroom's style, print, laminate and write your students names! Just click on the picture to find them in my shop!

My school takes part in the Million Words Campaign so I made some monthly book logs that are available in two patterns - Neon & Thematic. Each set contains 4 logs for each month, two in color and two in grayscale. The primary logs have 9 entry lines and includes Date, Title, Author and Level. The other version is for the upper grades and it has 20 lines and includes Date, Title, Author and Pages. Both logs are available for both Primary and Upper Grades levels. The Neon log has six different neon patterns and the Thematic Log has a different thematic pictures that relates to a holiday in each month. Just click the picture to take you to each version!
Lastly we have the Word of the Day pack. This is not an organizational tool, but it is a great vocabulary builder - and a new year is the perfect time to start it with your class! This set has 200 words with definitions and context. Simply print and display in your room! I included a checklist to help keep track of all the words you have used throughout the year.

This sale runs from 12/30/12 through 1/1/13!

Staying organized is just one of my resolutions for the New Year, what are some of yours? 


  1. Hey Melissa!

    I just saw Kristen's post where she mentioned your blog so I came by to check it out! It looks like you have made a lot of tools to keep yourself organized! Very cute! One of my resolutions is to stay organized, but also time management! Take less schoolwork home!! Hopefully staying organized will help me with that!

    We are your newest followers! Please take a peek at our blog if you get a chance!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have been determined to keep my school life organized and I hope all this will help! Ooh time management is a great one, I need to work on that at school too! Btw I stopped by your blog & I love it - I am your newest follower!


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