Colorizing with Contact Paper

8/14/2012 / 16 comments
Much like my sister Kristen, I too have a fondness for Contact Paper. I prefer to use it to add some life to my drab walls!

This was my color scheme for the past two years, however I am dreadfully tired of this combo-so I passed the paper (a roll which seemed to never end!) onto a colleague.  But in the past it served me well! I really like how student work and word walls pop when the paper is on there. I have learned to move slowly when applying this to walls, especially on hot days! I'm eternally thankful that it can unstick too, once stuck, otherwise the roll would have disappeared a long time ago!
It even sticks to bulletin boards and chalkboards! I used it this year to cover up all of these boards:

The top two pictures are of chalkboards and the bottom is a cork bulletin board. It really worked great on those surfaces too!

My walls tend to be a cream brick color so I really like how the green popped in the past. This year I am thinking of a new look - I'm leaning towards black Contact Paper and some colored Washi Tape (rather than the borders that have a tendency to leap off my walls every weekend!!) so I am eagerly awaiting everyone's classroom reveals to get some ideas and inspiration for my room!

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  1. Neat idea! Will it come off at the end of the year? Is it easy?

    Mrs.D Reading with Mrs. D

  2. It comes off really easily and leaves no mess! I've used in on brick and flat regular walls and never had a problem taking it off! It is easy to put up as long as you take your time and just unpeel the backing bit by bit.

  3. That is such a great idea! I spent hours and hours re-taping and sticking the colored roll paper I used on my walls last year before finally just tearing it down. Silly question, but do you purchase the colored contact paper at a teacher store, or would a place like Target have it?
    Thanks!! :)
    Teacher Wife

    1. Thanks, I have much more patience for contact paper--big sheets of roll paper and I do not get along. I got this here:

      It's worth it, the rolls last a looong time. It even sticks to bulletin boards & chalkboards!

  4. A brilliant idea! Major kudos to you though for having the patience for contact paper... I can't seem to get my drawers lined with it so I can't imagine attempting a whole WALL. :) Look forward to seeing your new creation!!

  5. I love your new blog! I'm just as excited to read about fashion ideas as I am about classroom stuff! I'm glad I found you! I am your newest follower!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  6. Hi Jeannine, thanks for following, I followed you back! :)

  7. Ok, now I know I love you as much as I do your sister. This is fabulous. Not to mention that this makes everything match. I think black is perfect to make all your neon colors pop. BTW, I just am obsessed with Washi tape.


  8. Hehe, I have a thing for matching too. Maybe it's a Melissa thing!! There are sooo many Washi tapes out there, I am having a hard time choosing!

  9. Thanks for posting, what a great idea! I'm happy to be your newest follower!
    Hearts Flowers and Kindergarten

  10. Thanks Jessica, I followed you back!

  11. Melissa,
    I never thought to use contact paper on bulletin boards. I have always used material. I think I may try that this year. I actually have a retractable divider. Hoping that works. It should add a little punch to the drabness. Thanks for the tip.


  12. Hi Melissa!

    Your bulletin boards look great! I've never thought to use contact paper before. I guess Kristen was right when she bragged about your contact paper skills! I'm your newest follower. :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

    1. Hehee, thanks Karyn, and walls are even easier than desks-less bubbling! Thanks for following, I followed you back!


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